Production Market

Original mobile phone accessories are equivalent to other industries. 
It is easier to enter the industry. If you have sales channels, you will quickly build your market, mainly original chargers, headsets, and data cables. 
Consumers have a relatively high awareness of such products.

We are mainly dedicated to wholesale in the European and American markets, of which the US market accounts for more than 50%, Europe reaches 35%, and the remaining markets are South Korea and Japan.

Apple’s Lightning data cable has always been a product with great sales. 
From 2014 to 2020, we have sold more than 3 million, Apple’s MD827 headset has more than 800,000, and Apple 7 headset has more than 500,000. 
The original accessories market has always been in high demand. Many platform sales, wholesale and retail customers, and some mobile phone refurbishment companies. 
Moreover, market management is relatively easy, and we have not encountered infringement problems for many years. 
This market is so huge that people are always worried about infringement, but it is safe