Our Service

Product Quality Verification

1. All original oem cellphone accessories chips from genuine factory directly and first hand source.

2. Accessories are brand new, master carton packing or in sealed box, with factory serials number.

3. Chargers cables 100% from Apple manufacturer, Foxconn,flextronic,salcomp,liteon,samsung vietnam/CN.

4. We are happy to share bulk photos,charger board,wire,speaker photos to make sure they are genuine.

5. QC team from QW is composed of skilled engineers & technicians, strict inspection on all products before packing.

If you receive a product from Engel's password co.,limited and request to replace it with another product or return it, please read the following information to avoid problems and misunderstandings:

1. In case of damage during transportation, we are fully responsible for the damage to the packaging and the product. 
Which can be dealt with by exchanging other goods or reducing the payment amount.

2. The buyer needs to provide pictures or videos of the damaged product, or any way that can prove that the product has a problem.
We will communicate with the factory in time and solve the problem, the processing time will be very fast, especially in some special circumstances, priority will be given to help you

3. If the product is artificially damaged, improperly used, or problems caused by the use of non-our company's accessories.
We will not compensate. For example, the chargers we sell are original, and customers use inferior and low-cost data cables together, resulting in damage to the equipment or damage to the charger.

4. The product is naturally damaged. If the customer cannot use the product after receiving the goods.
This is our problem and we will give compensation. According to different product restrictions, the warranty period is from 6 months to 12 months. 
We have always believed in the quality of our products. Judging from the sales in the past 6 years, the return rate of customers has been relatively low and within an acceptable range. 

The products we bought on Apple's official website are also broken, they have Apple service.