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10 fun, funky, and ultra-cool iPhone 13 cases you can buy right now


If you’ve made plans to order an iPhone 13 (or you have already done so), you’ll want to protect your investment with a sturdy new case. The best iPhone 13 case for you is going to be the one that you can stand looking at and holding all of the time—as well as be strong enough to handle the infinite amount of times that you’ll accidentally drop your phone. Since the iPhone 13 just released, we haven’t tested any cases yet—they’re coming soon—but we’re still on the lookout for cool and unique cases that catch our eye. Here are 10 of the coolest and most unique iPhone 13 cases we’ve found so far:

Case-Mate Karat Marble Case
Case-Mate’s Karat Marble case brings the bling to your new iPhone 13 with a splash of gold flecks that adorn the case’s marble design. The MagSafe-compatible version is $10 more than the non-compatible one, but its MagSafe connector is covered in gold flecks, too, so you get even more bling. The cases are made of recycled materials and have a lifetime warranty.

Casely All Smiles Case

A casually printed or decorated case can distract from the fact that it’s covering a rather expensive piece of technology. Casely’s designs aim for the young at heart, with fun designs such as a composite of smiley face stickers that has a distinct 90s vibe. But if you’re not feeling the have-a-nice-day vibes, there are plenty of unique designs to choose from.

Casetify Sapphire Dripping Agate Case
This iPhone case doubles as a conversation piece/ice breaker when you are out and about in public. Choose from five colorways of a striking agate geode design that appears to be hiding inside the phone. MagSafe versions of the case are also available for an extra $10.

Flaunt Neon Green Case
The sharp corners of Flaunt’s Square line of cases already stand out. We’re highlighting the flashy neon green case, but you can get one in a different blinding neon or even a trendy tortoise print and you will be the talk of any gathering. It’s not all just about appearance, though— Flaunt claims that the square design is easier to hold and is more protective too.

Gorilla Cases Batman Case
Here’s your bonafide chance to feel like Batman on his Batphone. Gorilla Cases offers this aluminum alloy phone case that was designed to be reminiscent of the Caped Crusader. It’s got a kickstand for hands-free video watching all those old episodes and movies.

Incipio Coach Folio Case
Fashion designers aren’t usually first to market with new iPhone cases, but a few have already sprung to action for the iPhone 13 series. One is Coach, the 80-year-old luxury design house best known for handbags. Coach offers folios for those seeking a bit of style-mavenry.

Nomad Modern Leather Folio Case
Ditch your old, decaying wallet and with this sleek new leather iPhone 13 series case with an attached folio. The wallet portion is a flap that gives you spaces to place your identification and two other cards as well as cash (if that’s something you still happen to use these days).

Pela Sustainable Case
Let’s face it, iPhones aren’t the most environmentally friendly purchase you’ll ever make, but you can still pair your new model with a sustainable case made of compostable materials from Pela for a little bit of balance.

Project Extreme Turbo Edition Case
Not only is this limited-edition case made of titanium, it’s made of aviation-grade titanium. That may be more protection than you actually need for a phone, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus it’s cool and functional—the design includes “Turbo blades” on the sides that are said to enhance antenna performance.

Rokform Rugged Case
If you are going to be extra rough and tumble and on the go outdoors with your new iPhone 13, Rokform’s Rugged Case with MagSafe might fit the bill. The turbo part has a twist lock system that can be also used with the brand’s bicycle mounts, car mounts, and motorcycle mounts.